What is Compact?

Compact is HPL Sindo plywood is a kind of fireproof plywood used for making table tops, kitchen furniture, laundry room furniture, desktops, etc. HPL refers to high pressure lamination covering the back and front plywood. The process involves soaking the base layer (Ti layer and kraft layer) with phenolic resin and melamine, under pressure and at high temperatures.

Compact business features

Does not interact with water, acids and bacteria and is not affected by water and fumes.
It withstands shocks as it is unbreakable and can withstand high temperatures.
– Easy to disassemble and install
Specially designed to resist weather and water.

Compact Uses

1 – Used to make bathroom and urine partitions and bathroom doors in hospitals and stores.
2- Clothes and storage cabinets in clubs and universities.
3- Restaurant seats and tables.
4- Big traps used in restaurants and hotels.

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  • Bathroom partitions
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