“About Us”

Master Company for Construction works is characterized by a clear approach, high-precision vision, and the company’s experience is what its people are to be trusted by customers and it is one of the leading companies in Egypt in the field of importing, supplying, installing and maintaining Korian and also implements bathroom partitions of the compact with wonderful color and high quality.

Master for Construction commits itself to develop an image of it characterized by trust, integrity and fairness, appreciation of the value of employees and cooperation, and building a work culture as a team, and this is done through flexibility, rapid response, open communication, innovation and creativity.
And in order to help achieve the required image, the employees have the right to expect that the work of the company will take place within the framework of efficiency, fairness, non-discrimination and self-esteem, through
Respect responsibility towards the company
– Integrity and taking into account the interest of the company
Not falling into a position of conflict of interest
– Keep information confidential

“Our Mission”

To provide Corian and Compact companies with low cost and effectiveness, with the highest levels of quality, safety, performance and customer satisfaction guarantee.

“Our vision”

The company is distinguished by its clear approach and high precision vision. Our company is the most important thing that it has to be trusted by customers. It is one of the leading companies in Egypt in the field of installation and maintenance of Corian and also implements bathroom partitions from compact in various forms and wonderful colors where we have experience in this field.

The company carries out all the works of the Koreans, including bathroom units, kitchens, fence bases, binding of operating rooms, work of reception counters, supplying the tables of restaurants, hotels, tourist villages, banks, Nile cruises of all kinds, Corian and Compact.